• Issues with your credit? Cannot qualify with the bank?
• Pre-approved versus Pre-qualified

Let a TRUSTWORTHY, KNOWLEDGABLE, PROFESSIONAL individual with over 15 years’ experience in the Financial & Accounting Field and with access to a wide range of lenders find you the BEST MORTGAGE that complies with your conditions

Through my financial and accounting background, I can help you be “home owner”
Do not be concerned about the interest rates, leave that to me!

We welcome flexible income sources such as:
Social Assistance
Employment Income
BFS Income
Child Support/Alimony
Bonus / Commission Income
Rental Income
WSIB income
Contributory Income
Foster Care
Permanent disability

Deficiencies added to liability
Surplus added to income

We lend on all types of real state including:
Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Vacant Land, Construction, Renovation.
Loans approved for any purpose including:
First, Second, Residential Mortgages
Commercial/Industrial Mortgages
Consolidate your Loans, Bills, and House Liens
Pay your Tax Arrears, CRA Arrears
Line of Credit / Promote your Credit Score
Combine 1ST/2ND/3RD Mortgages
Business Funding/Business Loans
Student Loans/Consumer Proposal
Stop Foreclosure / Power of Sale and SAVE YOUR HOUSE
And many more
CELL: (647) 542-7060
OFFICE: (647) 494-4200

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